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Ironic Faucet

I have a sore throat right now, so I'm drinking a lot of hot water at work. And that's why I have become aware of the Ironic Faucet.

The Ironic Faucet is a nozzle which dispenses boiling water from the water filtering machine, presumably for tea or whatever. The nozzle has a bright red handle which you press to get the hot water out. The trouble is that the handle is some kind of Safety Handle, and it has this weird kind of safety catch, so that you can't press it accidentally.

But you also can't press it deliberately; you have to do this kind of dexterous push-then-pull maneuver, and it takes a good bit of strength to hold it so that the boiling water will come out. And because I have to contort my hand over the handle in this weird way, I almost always get burned trying to get water. I think the older people in the building just avoid it.

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