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One less thing to be smug about
Apparently the wild rumors of Apple switching to Intil chips are much more than just rumors. (And if it was on Fox News, it MUST be true!)

Moreover, Steve just announced that it won't be some PPC clone, but an actual x86!!! Apple Hardware Division? Yeah, you're fired. I am dying to see how they intend to prevent OSX from running on commodity PC hardware... or if they'll even bother.

What on earth do they think they're doing? Apple's only chance now is to beat Microsoft in the personal OS space, by--- what? Offering more software at lower prices? I'm not saying Apple can't do it, but that's a pretty ballsy thing to do. History has shown that when you back Microsoft into a corner, you get your face ripped off.

(By the way, I don't actually read FOX News. That was just the first news-related hit from google that I could find to paste.)
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