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Someone please kill Adobe
When I finally got CS2 (Adobe's Not A Version Number We Swear name for Illustrator 12.0 and Photoshop 9.0), I was pretty excited. Certain Photoshop Zealot friends of mine (you know who you are) swore to me that my gripes about Adobe's falling quality would be crushed out in the most utter way possible as soon as I upgraded to the latest version.

Well, here we are. The latest goddamn version of their finest flagship product, the best that Adobe has to offer on this earth. I only wanted ONE bug fixed, the one where my clipboard stops working randomly and I have to close photoshop and reopen it. You know what? IT'S NOT FIXED. IN FACT, IT'S WORSE. I used to be able to restart photoshop to fix the problem, and now it's permanent. Plus, Photoshop now crashes because of their retarded "ImageReady" application, which is a complete pile.

So, that's pretty awful. But at least Illustrator is better, right? Wrong. Today I opened one of my layouts from 9.0 for the first time, and the "Text Updater Wizard" corrupted all the text in my layouts. What the Hell??? What was the design meeting like where they decided that backward compatibility wasn't important? "Yeah, our users are just graphic designers. They won't care about a few pixels..."

I do not even want to know how much my boss paid to get us this steaming pile of bugs. I wish I could downgrade...

Which brings me to my conclusion: Adobe is clearly a dying company. Their R&D is outsourced, their designers are talentless, their quality is trash--- in short, the belly is exposed. If Microsoft doesn't bring an offering to deal a death blow to these products, someone else should. I was thinking Nvidia, since they have a bunch of graphics people (although I guess they're a 3D house, not a 2D house). Really I don't care who it is, but it's just a crime for Adobe to collect money for their crappy software.
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