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Disneyland Governance

Tired of terrifying spontaneity in your Disneyland experience? Wish you could wring out that last drop of unpredictable "X-Factor" from your child's Magic Day? Or maybe just looking to take back control, and keep your vacation on the precise schedule you devised for it last December when you bought those plane tickets?

Well, fear risk no longer, Mousekateer! Now there's RideMax!

I think they're not taking it far enough, though: The next version of the product (which we'll call RideMax Complete), should gather actuals such as travel durations, meal times and frequencies, and ride times from each of your family members. These values will roll up to a Family Vacation Performance Dashboard, which will show at-a-glance variance statistics that let you see where you fell behind on the schedule, and how you can improve next time.

RideMax Complete will also give you visibility and control on consistently underperforming family members, and help you decide whether you can improve the situation with more training, better risk management, or better up-front expectations setting. Or, you can simply decide to cut that individual out of the plan for next time, ensuring a better experience for the rest of your Vacationing Team.

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