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The hazards of race cars
[21:29] J: you will likely be amused to know
[21:30] Me: ???
[21:30] J: that in trying to fix my car's horn, i managed to set it on fire.
[21:31] Me: Wow, I actually snarfed my tea a little bit when I read that.
[21:31] J: heh
[21:31] Me: Sounds like a story, what did you do???
[21:32] J: i noticed one of the horns had no power to it, so i decided to add a bridge wire. my electronics 25watt soldering iron doesnt have the power to solder larger leads, so i decided to use a propane torch. ok, the plastic is melting a little, thats fine. oh, it seems to be on fire, thats not unexpected. oh, oh, even with the torch removed, its STILL ON FIRE.
[21:32] Me: wow...
[21:32] J: so we will be getting a new horn.
[21:32] Me: Well thank goodness
[21:33] J: but it didnt sound any better after all that work.
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