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It annoys me that PayPal is constantly trying to trick me into using my bank account instead of a credit card to fund transactions.

Whenever I use it, it always defaults payment from my checking account, even though I never want that and have never used it. Funding with a credit card is much better insured, protected, reversable, etc. Even when I change the default, it always shows me this confirmation screen, where I'm supposed to "consider the benefits" of making an irreversible transaction directly to my bank. (Why am I not also asked to "consider the benefits" of my credit card?)

The fact is that paying with a credit card is unfair--- but it's unfair in my favor. Vendors have to pay a premium on every transaction (its 1.5%, I think?), and I can reverse the charges at any time and screw them out of payment. But it's so unacceptable to not offer a credit card payment option that almost every business does it anyway.

Lucky Me.

So I guess it annoys me that when a big corporation finds that the deck is stacked against it (for a change), it still tries to use misinformation to get the consumer to voluntarily relinquish his advantage. I would call that Evil... why don't you just sell me a used car? Good grief.

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