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And it's loud

So, my "super-quiet" exhaust is pretty loud. And as a portent of things to come, as I was out testing it for the first time, I got tailed all the way onto the freeway by a cop. Life-Of-Bling, here I come.


We put an offer down on a house last night. A crappy house. A house that we don't particularly like. But at a price that we do like. Even so, just the earnest money check that I had to write was the largest check I've ever written in my entire life. Unghh....

But the joke's on them, because i haven't transferred the money in to back it yet, so the check would just bounce anyway. Suckas!

It's huge

Oh my god, it's huge.

Going over to the dark side

Something about an STI used by the police is just fundamentally wrong.

It's official

My car is now illegal to operate in the states of California (my residence), and also Pennsylvania, Alaska, and Connecticut. Here's why:

As a cool side note, I also took a picture of the inside of my turbo, while I was in there. Here it is:

A more complete discussion of my downpipe experience

A simple plan

In light of recent current events, I think I've realized who is responsible for all our problems in the middle east: oxygen.

You see, almost all kinds of suicide bombs, weapon attacks, oil field burnings, etc, all require oxygen in order to combust and cause various ill effects, such as loss of life. A further analysis of the consequences of oxygen in this troubled area of the world might even reveal other ways in which it helps promote violence and death.

So I think the next logical step would be to remove this troublesome gas from the area. Now I know what you're thinking: "That's far too expensive!" But there's no need to process the ENTIRE area. At least not at first. If we were to start with, say, the west half of Israel, and the right half of Palestine, I think we'd be in business.

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