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Souffle me

Last night I was conscribed into a cooking class, as a thank you from work for my "rapid implementing" during our release. Also, our VP of engineering was forced to go with us, so I got to watch him attempt to operate a knife while drunk on red wine. It was awesome.

We team-cooked 4 souffles:

  • Stinky cheese souffle

  • Crab, Corn, and Chive soffle

  • Meyer Lemon Merangue

  • Flourless Chocolate cake

Having never attempted to make a souffle before, I'm here to tell you that they cost $30 bucks a pop in restaurants for a reason. It's a pain, a huge pain. And you would not believe how much egg and butter goes into those bad-boys. I think I personally ate a whole carton of eggs last night, along with one entire cow's worth of butter. But they were yummy.


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