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Wearing it out

Before when I referred to my rotors as "cracked", what I meant was that little cracks had developed near each of the little drill holes, like this.

But now when I say my rotors are cracked, I mean THEY ARE CRACKED:

Needless to say, I'm replacing them this week.


I hate Home Depot. They sell plants without so much as a label. Last spring when I bought my ficus, the label on the plant literally was "Plant, Green, 6". Not so helpful.

Now we have this OTHER plant, which I like, but in the interests of keeping it alive I'd like to know what it wants in the way of light, temperature, etc. But I have just no idea what it is... a fern? a palm, maybe? Some kind of grass?

So if you have a knack for identifying plants, maybe you'd like to have a go:

Also, if it seems like it's dying, let me know. :)

You crazy kids with your Covenant

Normally I hate first person shooters, and I hated Halo just the same, right up until I actually played it. (I still hate WATCHING Halo, because it gives me a headache. But playing is, well...) The gameplay is simple, the sets are immersive, and the story is fun and interesting.

Halo 2 has better graphics and (best of all) a new story, which make up for the more confusing controls and disjointed level flow they've added. Emptying two full double-fisted needle clips into an Elite and watching him explode also helps make up for the confusing-ness of the game.

But I finally realized last night the one thing that's been sort of nagging me: The Covenant, with their Tolkeinian over-use of words like "must" and "shall", their thespian melodrama, their religious-themed psyonic ass-kickery, their clean-lined capital ships with blue guns, everything about them right down to their energy swords and mis-use of the word "arbiter", makes me realize that the Covenant are just re-badged StarCraft Protoss.

Oh well.


But even so... I have Halo 2.


Asparagus really does make your pee stink.

Don't ask

Appropriate questions to ask the pregnant woman who sits in the cube next to me:

  • When are you due?

  • Are you going to take time off?

  • Is it a boy or a girl?
INAPPROPRIATE questions (actually overheard):
  • Are you going to keep it?

  • Did you get pregnant in Vegas?

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