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Beyond Helvetica

If you haven't seen the documentary Helvetica, I recommend it. It's the nerdiest thing I've seen in a great while, and has an excellent "post rock" soundtrack by El Ten Eleven.

Dulles Airport in Washington DC boasts an example of signage that departs from Helvetica, and I think the results are dated and yet delightful, see right.

Yes, it reminds you of riding Disneyland's Space Mountain in the 1980s. But really, what's wrong with that? If more people could reclaim the sense of nostalgic, childhood wonder they feel when riding in a big improbable contraption like a jet plane, wouldn't airports be a nicer place for everyone?


My cousin got married this summer, and amongst her wedding photographer's official portfolio was this picture, which I feel is better with less explanation.

(If you haven't met her new husband, I believe he's the one on the left.)

Wholesome fun

A friend of mine attempted to throw a clean, wholesome party including such elements as milk, cookies, pajamas, and coloring books.

I noticed that one particular party-goer (no one I know) had been coloring quite intently for some time. When she got up from the table I took a peak at what she had made.

Tis the season!

Buying love
Tis the season for me to purchase the favor of my nephews by somehow telepathically knowing exactly what they want for Christmas. (Here's a hint, kids: I know your mom's phone number.)

In the process of buying a "Webkinz Lil'Kinz Chipmunk" (which is apparently a stuffed animal backed by a web-2.0 enabled social networking site), I can't ignore the fact that Amazon is, as usual, trying to goad me into spending a fortune.

I can think of two possible causes for this, and I don't know which is worse:
  • Amazon is misrepresenting the behavior of other consumers in an attempt to upsell me to a not-particularly-cost-effective bulk deal, or
  • They really are frequently bought together, and therefore, on average, we are buying our kids $75 bucks worth of toys a pop for Christmas.
Is the dollar that weak? Or am I just being cheap?

(The toy pictured is a "Webkinz Chipmunk", which is not actually the correct gift; I still need to find the "Lil'kinz" version of the toy, which is somehow different and not apparently available on Amazon. So my quest continues. God please don't make me go to a brick-and-mortar store.)
Current events

I saw this on Ride Lust. Awesome.

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