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Papyrus towel triple threat

It's been a while since I've felt the need for a good old fashioned "amusing signage" post. I thought I'd post this one I found in the bathroom of a local Indian restaurant because it earned my mocking affection 3 ways:

1. Papyrus.
Once you start looking for use of this severely cliche typeface, you will see it everywhere. Restaurants and personal grooming establishments are especially susceptible to its wiles, so it's not unusual to see a papyrus-lettered sign in a bathroom like this. Overuse of Papyrus has reached hysterical proportions in the last few years.

2. You use towel.
Grammar errors are strangely hilarious to me, but this particular one is well timed because I've been watching Arrested Development. ("Look at banner, Michael!")

3. Sylvester!?
What on earth is Sylvester doing on this sign about restroom hygiene? I don't even.

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