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My friend Ed and I swindled each other. The swindling looked like this:

(I think the caption for this picture should be "Good and Evil", but really it's more like "Obviously Evil and Subtlely Evil".)

Basically, I proposed (and he agreed) that we swap our suspension setups on our otherwise identical cars. His suspension (now mine) were the JIC FLT-A2 Coilovers. Everyone I know who has had this product has eventually gotten rid of it because it is far too stiff to tolerate in daily driving. Ed, not being an exception to this rule, wanted to be able to drink coffee while his car was rolling, and coveted my stiffer-than-stock-but-reasonably-humane STi Red suspension. Here is what my new suspension looks like:

This new suspension is very low, very stiff, and very adjustable. Here's what the camber adjustment looks like:

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