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I'm sure you're all asking yourselves: is it possible to simply overdose on constant, overwhelming, half-naked, tanned, Mediteranean beach-frolicking sexiness?

Friends I'm here to tell you that the answer is a resounding YES.

First of all, an inevitable consequence of being surrounded by beautiful people is that you, relatively speaking, are ugly. I mean, in the bay area I'm actually sort of cute, but here? Shit, I may as well have a hump and an eye patch.

Second, it's a little jarring to at once see frolicking cuties, and then a second later realize that they are likely to be, given the country of their residence, fundamentalist, racist, and kind of violent. It's like spending 2 weeks in a bakery full of scrumptious-looking poisoned eclaires. Think you're going to want eclaires after this? Think again.

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