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It's my last night here in Israel, and I'm not sure I'm going to make it.

  • Everything I eat or drink turns my guts inside out except Coke

  • All I can find to eat near my hotel is (ironically) American fast food

  • I haven't been within 5000 miles of a good burrito in 2 weeks

  • My taxi drivers think it's amusing to almost crash and die 50 times during a brief drive

  • Everyone wants to know what I think of Israeli girls, and I'm sick of the question

  • I am powerless against the Hotel's cleaning staff

  • The doors at Mercury are all glass, and I walk into them and hurt my nose

  • I have meetings with people all the time, but most of the conference room names are in Hebrew

  • My kingdom for a shitty Dell QuietKey 101 with a USB adapter

  • Everyone here speaks English words, but they often don't know what they are saying

  • In particular, even some of the fluent English speakers here confuse the days of the week, so when they say "Friday", you just don't know what they really mean

  • I'd like to go someplace where carrying a backpack is not a crime

  • What is the sticky black shit all over the beach? (Or did I maybe answer my own question?)

  • I'm going to die if I can't drive a car soon

  • If my 12 hour flight is going to crash, I only hope that it does so NEAR THE BEGINNING of the flight.

1 day to go.

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