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So, you go for a job interview on Monday. You show up an hour early, to show your enthusiasm, and to hedge your bets on traffic. You're wearing your favorite shirt.

You meet the interviewer, and he seems nice enough. He starts asking you Java questions. If you were more introspective, or maybe less desperate, you'd begin to notice that you don't know the answers. Not really any of them. But you keep talking, somehow. You start to theorize about what the answers to the questions might be, if the questions were different in ways that made them easier for you. You don't realize at first that you're wrong about those, too.

The interview concludes. You didn't really get much time to ask questions, except for the really important one on your mind: What is this job you're interviewing for? The interviewer describes the position and the group, but you don't really understand, so you nod. He shows you out.

The week goes by, and on Friday you still haven't heard anything. The interviewer said to wait 7 days for a response, but you call him anyway. It's clear from the phone conversation (which is very short) that he doesn't remember you. He tells you that he'll check with HR right away and that they'll follow up. You hang up, wondering if you'll get the job.

You're pretty sure you will.

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