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The Ford Bronco: A Meditation

Many people say that I'm finicky when it comes to cars. But really, I just have three things that I want from a vehicle:

  • Going

  • Stopping

  • Turning

When these exotic traits elude a vehicle (such as the Ford Bronco), then I must fall back on some of my secondary characteristics, which include:
  • Dry

  • Safe

  • Reliable

  • Fuel-efficient

  • Not sticky inside

And when even these characteristics cannot be had (as in the case of my cousin's Bronco which I am piloting around the state this week), then I suppose I could apply a rubric that more suits the strengths of the vehicle, such as (and Taylor if you're reading this, please take heart that I am focusing on the positive aspects of your fine vehicle):
  • Allows me to see the roofs of other SUVs from the driver's seat (also, I can wave to long-haul truck drivers)

  • Has a stereo system which is constantly advertising its many advanced features to me through it's in-dash display

  • Keeps me intrigued with its ever-shimmering skein of exciting engine and transmission noises

  • Has a dashboard that is unfettered by confusing numbers or other text

  • Constantly keeps me in mind of the delicate, fleeting nature of human life, especially in wet weather

  • Allows me to enjoy daylight, fresh air, and crisp, clear rain water coming around the edges of the driver's side door, even when it is closed and the window is rolled up

  • Has great windshield wipers

-- EOF

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