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The End

I have just finished the entire Baroque Cycle, a 3000 page mound of historical fiction by Neil Stephenson. And even though it's 2am and I'm really tired, I feel like I just have to tell SOMEone. Some notes:

  • The end is not bad. Especially not bad in light of Neil's record r.e. endings.

  • DON'T read the Epilogue, it's just better if you don't. It doesn't add much of anything to the book. Instead, imagine that it says "And they lived happily ever after". Because the Epilogue basically does say that, but it says it in kind of a goofy and unnecessary way that will bore you for the first 9 pages and then annoy you on the last page.

  • If you want closure, read the Acknowledgements page. It's somewhat amusing.


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