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Fortunately, they're reflective

Deer have really been a theme for this trip back east to visit my family. Like so:

  • Gifts purchased (by me, on the advice of dad) for my brother-in-law to aid in the killing of deer using a military-grade sniper rifle

  • Various family members' cars being totalled by encounters with deer, more and more recently and frequently

  • An actual deer getting killed, by my dad, with a bow, from a tree, while I was sleeping in on Christmas morning.

  • A different, previously killed deer starring in a meat pie served to me today at a party

  • Discovering that my uncle's method of skinning deer involves a tree, a truck, a trailer hitch, and some rope

  • My cousin making a fair point that the trouble with deer and cars has two solutions: fewer deer or fewer humans.

  • Seeing literally scores of deer lurking near the freeway as I drive to my Mom's house tonight

  • Attempting to navigate the aforementioned Ford Bronco between the aforementioned deer as they fling themselves in front of my truck from the edges of the freeway

  • Noticing (titularly) that deer are easy to avoid on the freeway if you are watching for them, because their eyes are reflective in the headlights.

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