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Okay, faithful readers, I don't ask much from you, but now I need your help: I need a new cell phone. Most people I know hate their phones, so if you like yours please recommend your plan and the make and model of your phone to me. Tell me anything you like and hate about it.


Bear in mind that I have some special requirements not supported by a lot of modern phones, like:
  • I want to dial someone's phone number, and then hear and be heard by that person through the phone
  • When someone dials my phone number, my phone must ring, and then when I answer it, I should be able to hear them, and be heard by them, through the phone
  • The above two use cases need to be supported in the following circumstances:
    • Outside
    • Inside
    • In the car
    • In Santa Barbara
    • In an airport
    • In the San Francisco bay area
    • In Washington
    • In Virginia
If a phone existed that could do these things, I would definitely buy it. Money no object. Thanks in advance for your help!
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