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I am now a customer of DreamHost (the reason why being the subject of a future post) and I've just received my first DreamHost newsletter. Now, ordinarily I am as likely to read a newsletter as I am to win the lottery, but I had happened to overhear that DreamHost's newsletter is amusing, so I hung in there.

Admittedly, I might be annoyed with the despondent, unprofessional tone if they had actually cost me money with all their downtime. But I'm not a serious user, so mostly I found it refreshing, and pretty amusing. In fact, the main effect of this newsletter is that I feel strongly that I should contact my hosting provider and comfort them as best I can. Here's a snippet:


Whoop-dee-doo. Another Month, another DreamHost Site of the Month. This
one is a little out of the ordinary however, as it's only HALF flash.


is the personal site of Sanithna Phansavanh, an artist/designer who must
like it hot/muggy because he/she lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

It's pretty and all that, but not worth using an exclamation point. Next
month I may be back to my disgustingly upbeat self, so if you want a
chance to get YOUR site essentially spammed to hundreds of thousands of
web hosted people like yourself, and with exclamation marks, submit it
now at:


Josh Jones!

Oh crap. Well, now that the aura of desolation and despair has been
shattered, I totally understand if you want to unsubscribe. Do so here:


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