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I'm a believer

So I'm slowly piecing my living room back together, and today's installment was a TV and speakers. I got this lame second-hand 52" LCD projection TV off of ebay, and it turns out that it's not really so lame. 720p hi def really is hugely better than NTSC--- I'm sorry I ever doubted (although that could just be the Stockholm Syndrome talking.)

The speakers also mean that, in addition to being able to watch movies without a laptop, I can now also hear movies without headphones. Baby steps. Once I have more of the house put together you'll be invited over to sample its treasures.

(Those of you intimately familiar with my house's gadget inventory might point out that I don't own a device that can output 720p. And those of you would have been right up until 8:58pm tonight, at which time I made an extremely naughty purchase at Best Buy right before they closed. This purchase is likely to be the subject of several future posts.

Close scrutiny of the above screenshot and the correct identification of the video game there pictured, entitled "Prey", will reveal the exact nature of my indescretions.)

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