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Steve's phone
I suppose it's time for my iPhone blog post.

My Sony finally become too unlike a phone to bother carrying around, so I got the damned Apple Phone. Since it's me, I'm sure you're just dying to hear my complaints so far:
  • It's giant. Kind of like stuffing a shipping palette into your pocket. Yes it's thin, but it's WIDE. I had special candy-bar-phone-sized pockets in all my clothes for my Sony... gonna have to rethink my whole wardrobe now.
  • RIP T9.The virtual keyboard is pretty challenging to type on while walking or driving. Yes, driving :)
  • abysmal battery. I think I charged my Sony phone like, 11 times in its whole life.
  • laggy UI. This is just as I feared, but I'm putting up with it, because it's so... shiny.
  • SMS charges make my blood boil. Charging me for a data plan AND SMS is the most insulting thing evar.
  • Clipboard. I'm already angry that there's no clipboard. Even my Sony had a clipboard.
  • Fragile. I think I threw my Sony on the ground 50 times. The iPhone would probably have survived about 1 of those. Or maybe zero.
But on balance, I pretty much love it. Here are my favorite things so far:
  • Endless fun on the toilet.I had not considered the on-can usefulness of the iPhone. Now I know what you're all doing in there.
  • Remember the Milk. The RTM iPhone app is even better than the full web interface. I haven't been this wildly optimistic about the possibility of productivity improvement since I got a Palm Pilot in 1996.
  • Conspicuous distraction. An exciting new way to ignore my racist hair dresser.
  • 2 way Calendar sync. Finally, calendar has a way to nag me that I can't ignore.
  • Sudoku. Say no more.
  • Fact-checking at my fingertips. Let no wild cocktail party assertion go unchallenged! I am now just a Safari crash away from remembering the name of that actor who was totally in that one movie that none of us can remember.
  • Everything else. Oh who am I kidding, the list of awesome things about it is impossibly long. Weather, traffic, directions, search, visual voicemail, Remote, threaded SMS, yelp, Gmail, Reader, Twitter, GPS, and Apps. I even love pinching the screen. Sorry, GPhone.
Anyway. Since I'm always the last to the party on these things, I thought I'd let you know that I have an iPhone now, and it is therefore officially no longer cool.

(I even ordered a Mac Mini to try out iPhone development. My first Macintosh ever!)
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