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Lint energy

I've been realizing recently that there's still no really good substitute for drawing a diagram with a pen and paper. Pixel programs like Photoshop seem to force me to fuss over a degree of precision that I am not ready for, and drawing programs like Illustrator and Google Diagrams have indirect and clunky controls. And touch screens will always suffer from the fatal "I cannot see what I am doing around my fat fingers" problem. Short of lugging a Wacom tablet around everywhere, I feel like technology has failed me.

Take, for example, this highly technical illustration of my idea to save mankind from extinction, producing limitless and perpetual energy for all. I was able to sketch this out in about 5 minutes, and then take a picture of it with my cell phone camera. Admittedly I made some mistakes in pen and I also perhaps didn't do the best job of conveying what a clothes dryer looks like, but hey, that is what labels are for.

As you can see, by harnessing this abundant source of created matter, we can power our civilization indefinitely. I'll be publishing next year, but I wanted to thank you all for your support on my path to fame.

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