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The "extra profit, please" Jar

Today while I was paying for my overpriced gyro at Cafe 220 on University Ave in Palo Alto, I watched the owner of the restaurant dump out the tip jar and file the bills and change back into the cash register. He did it right in front of me.

Until today I had never considered the possibility that the individual workers never see any of the money from the tip jar... I feel guilty enough paying $8.95 for a burrito that contains about 10 cents worth of labor. But if I can't even tip employees because the restaurant keeps all the money?


Wrong Direction

Today I loaned the CEO of my company money. Money to buy a cup of soup.

Is this a bad sign?

I guess I can't agree.

I have been a Wells Fargo Online customer for over 6 years now. Same account number, same password, in fact I think I still have the same book of checks that have my address as "30 W. Sola Street" from when I was living out of the El Prado before I had found an apartment.

So it's more than a little ridiculous that my account is now being held hostage behind this 1279 line legal-ese agreement. I can't imagine that something like this would be enforcible; it sickens me that I basically just have to trust a huge corporation to not fuck me over by burying something evil in this document that I am not going to read.

In fact, I just clicked "I Agree". And would you like to know what happened? The website timed out my session because I couldn't read a 1300 line legal document in 300 seconds. So I had to sign in again, and then be presented with the document again, in order to agree to its terms.

So in case you missed that, let me be very clear: In order to successfully log in to the Online Service, you have to not read the Agreement and then agree that you read it.

I'll see you in court.

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