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So it's come to this

Installed any software on Windows recently?

The experience of keeping your computer secure is now so incoherent that products from huge companies like Hewlett-Packard must beg you to defend them from the behaviors of products from other huge companies like Microsoft and Symantec.

You guys all understand that users don't read dialog boxes, right? They're not making the decisions about security and privacy that you've delegated to them. They're just playing a little mini game to click the rectangles until they're all gone.

Loyal pet needs a good home

Edit: I sold my car! It's going to a college student, bought for him by his dad. Maybe he'll even want to keep my rather embarrassing personalized plates.

Simple humor

I lol'd at this captcha test from craigslist. This is probably why other captcha implementations stick to nonsense words instead of using real words.

(Also, I tried the audio captcha. Those things are hard! It played a clip from a staticky movie soundtrack, and asked me to type the 20 word phrase the guy had said, which included the proper names of characters in the movie which I couldn't spell. I guess I'm not a person!)

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