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When I am emperor, marketing copy writers will not be able to just make up fake science-y-sounding concepts like "micro oils".

How do I know that "micro-oils" are made up? Well I'm not a chemist, but I do know how to use a search engine. And when I type the words Nutritive Fruit Micro Oils into Google, there isn't a single result anywhere in all the world's online knowledge other than in reference to this particular brand of shampoo. I stopped counting after 70 results all about "Fructis".

If "micro-oils" mattered in any factual way, I'm pretty sure there would at least be a wikipedia article written about them. Probably by a grad student. Or perhaps by the engineer that added them to shampoo. But there's not, and to me that's pretty solid evidence that "micro-oils" only exist in the minds of shampoo marketing consultants.

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