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What is a strut tower brace?

First let me say first that I'm a bit alarmed by the speed with which people who I haven't heard from in years start reading my brand-new weblog. Not that I'm complaining, though. In fact, I'd just like to say thanks, Craig, for being my first (and probably only) reader. (What the hell are you up to these days, anyway?) As a reward, I'll pretend to answer your question while in fact just blathering more about my car (my second favorite subject):

THIS is a strut tower brace. I installed it on Sunday night. It involved cutting up the interior of my car with a blunt knife, which was extremely upsetting. But the results don't look too horrible:

I can just imagine trying to sell the car later to some poor old woman:

- "What's that?"
- "What's what?"
- "THAT."
- "Oh, THAT. Um..."
- "..."
- "Um, it was like that when I got it."

The supposed purpose of the strut tower brace is to reduce chassis flex, which makes the initial turn-in more crisp. (Crisp! It's not just for lettuce and uniforms anymore!) In practice I noticed only a very minimal improvement, if any. But I'm going to leave it in because it's shiny.

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