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Neal Stephenson

Last night we went to the Neal Stephenson book signing in Menlo Park. It wasn't as interesting as Douglas Adams, but his fans asked questions that were almost as irritating and stupid. I bought and had signed his new book, "Quicksilver", mostly out of a sense that if I didn't get his signature that I would be wasting some kind of opportunity.

When I saw Douglas Adams speak, in fact I drove him from the airport, I didn't get him to sign a book. I didn't even get a hair sample or anything. And you know what? He's DEAD now, and I missed my only opportunity. So I feel like I should grab my slice of Neal while I have the chance. (Okay, Neal, you can die now.)

I'd say more about what he talked about, but at the beginning of his talk he explicitly stated that he didn't want anyone to blog about what he said, so that's that, I suppose.

But what I can tell you is that I made my friend Eric get him to sign a copy of the Consumer Reports New Car Guide, which he was coincidentally buying for his girlfriend who is locked in unending indecision about what car to get next. So we had him circle the words "Acura TSX" in the book and write "Lisa--- buy this one!" and he signed his name. I should point out that he didn't exercise any judgement about the car, he just signed off on the one we told him to recommend. See how little a signature is worth these days? :)

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