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KOTOR: +100 hours; Rus: -$60

I finally finished Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for XBox. It required a cool 100 hours to beat it on Dark Side, which as I understand it is significantly easier than Light Side. Apparently you get more money and more XP if you're evil, so in that way at least, the game is very realistic. Specifically, though, the game had:

  • Shitty graphics

  • Shitty world-movement engine

  • Buggy combat engine

  • Tedious storyline

  • Maddeningly repetitive alien speech

  • Clumsy user interface

  • Embarrassingly slow load times

So overall, it was completely riveting and addictive. I can't explain why I played all the way through it, any more than I can explain why Jake also played all the way through it, and is even now trying unsuccessfully to beat the final boss on Light Side. All I can really do is warn you not to buy it, lest you surrender 100 hours of your own.

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