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i have a problem

I think that when a person begins to exhibit a pattern of self-destructive behavior, they would recognize that the first step on the road to breaking out of that pattern is to admit that they have a problem. In my case I am making way too much food.

Take the banana incident, for example. If I had thought for a moment about what I was doing, I would have realized that just because you have 9 black bananas doesn't mean that you must bake them into 7 pounds of banana bread (I doubled the recipe, serves 28!). Why did I have 9 black bananas? I honestly don't know. It's all a blur. But now I have all of this banana bread, and I'm going to start trying to, what, eat it for breakfasts for the next 300 days? Pawn it off onto unwilling friends? People like FRESH banana bread, not "oh, I've been looking to get rid of this for some time now, here you go" banana bread. It's just irrational.

And now this: the cheese thing. I have some cheese. (The cheese was left over from another excessive cooking project. Another story.) And so I think to myself, "I'll make macaroni and cheese." I end up at the grocery store, things kind of go dark, and 2 hours later I have 6 quarts of macaroni and cheese ready to bake in my oven. What am I going to do with 6 quarts of macaroni and cheese?!?

Maybe I need some kind of intervention. Or, maybe you should just come over to my house and eat something.

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