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Ah, the crazy times
While cleaning my room today, I found this ancient CompactFlash card, which contained these images. Some context:

You may remember that I sort of went through this phase where I spent no money, did nothing, and never left my 10 foot square room, outside of which was the apartment I rented with this Russian girl that I didn't know from Adam. The phase lasted for about 6 months, and during that time I, well, went a little bit insane.

What you may not know is exactly what I did during that time. Well, besides the obvious, I watched Sopranos and QAF episodes off Kazaa, and played a lot of Gran Turismo 2 on my $25 PlayStation I. I beat the game, INCLUDING all golds on all license tests. If you've ever played the game, you know how freakish and OCD and generally not psychologically balanced that is.

Evidently, at one point in my cheapness-crazed existance in that tiny room I got such a good score on one of the hour-long endurance races that I felt it necessary to document my accomplishments.

Does anyone know if a 1:17:575 at Apricot Hill in an S2000 is even a good time? Who knows what I was thinking...
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