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More casualties

Apparently I am not only a Deadly Scourge of brake parts, but now also suspension components.

Fortunately the strut that failed was a right rear, and fortunately it failed on the street, close to my house. Fortunately the tire and wheel survived, although I'm afraid there may have been hub assembly damage (too soon to tell yet.)

UNfortunately it caused my tire to grind into the wheel well, melting the plastic before I could bring the car to a stop. Unfortunately the car did not roll afterwards, and I had to call for help. Unfortunately I didn't exactly have a replacement part, and we had to rig up something crazy to limp the car home. (Ever wondered if it's possible to install a strut assembly without the top-hats, and just let the car rest on the spring? The answer is yes. Sort of.)

The manufacturer has graciously offered to replace my rear mounts if I send him my original pieces... apparently I'm quite the intriguing specimen! I can destroy anything!

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