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Gift turns numerically frustrating
I recently received as a gift a little bag of blocks, which make an excellent fidget toy for my desk. (The blocks are actually tiles left over from a bathroom remodelling project in my boss's house--- he gave them to us all after he quit. Perhaps the timing of this was because he didn't want to be responsible for our productivity once we were constantly being distracted by little gleaming blocks.)

Unfortunately there are exactly 15 blocks, which means that when I make a pyramid out of them, I have one lonely extra, and when I try to make other shapes I have not quite enough. (Yes, I can make the 2D pyramid, and that is exactly 15 blocks. If I hadn't made that in my boss's office 300 times already, I might be satisfied with that.)

So my only real course of action from here is either to throw one of the blocks into the ocean, or else break into my boss's bathroom in the middle of the night with a pick-axe and liberate a few more. (I suppose this strategy is likely to work at most once.)

Any votes?
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