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RIP DevWiki

After years of neglect and half-assed maintenance, I am forced to acknowledge that I no longer have the energy to keep DevWiki ahead of the spammers, who have only pounded the site more and more with every passing month. So as of today, DevWiki is no longer running at devtools.org.

Maintaining an open source project that you've lost interest in is pretty unpleasant, and I haven't had the stomach for it in years. Fortunately, I now have an excuse to drop it, which is that continuing work on it actually competes with my current employer, so I may as well.

But even so, it was a nice thing to keep around as demo-ware. Unfortunately, though, the fundamentally evil nature of humanity has brought it to its end. The home page was getting destroyed more and more often, and I just can't keep up. (Even JotSpot is being threatened seriously by spam traffic; if a full-time company can't keep up, how can I?)

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