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Tooth care is out of control

As I see it, the universe is pretty much divided into two groups. First, there are those people who feel that their teeth are already whitened / protected / cared for / enameled / calcified sufficiently. Then there are the people who sit in Proctor & Gamble focus groups and expound their dental anxieties to credulous marketing executives, who in turn produce products like these:

I mean, let's get a grip, people. I think we've all been subconsciously aware for some time that the "whitening" craze is out of hand. But the Baking Soda product already had its wild snake-oil claims out of the gate, and so to pile on with "Enamel Luster", "Liquid Calcium", and "Breath Defense"--- well that's just wrong.

For the record, I've had 3 different dentists tell me that there is no statistically significant toothpaste on the market--- other than the well-established benefits of flouride treatment, which all toothpastes have, none of them has ever been shown to do anything for teeth. It's actually just the mechanical act of brushing that has most of the benefit. (One notable exception is Listerine--- it is clinically proven to reduce gum disease. Thank you, science!)

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