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Google fights climate change

This morning my division, Google.org, announced our Energy Information campaign, which includes my project, Google PowerMeter.

Why is Google doing this? Well, Google thinks about information. A lot. So it might not surprise you to hear that we think getting better energy usage information to more people is going to be key in fighting climate change--- the more you know, the smarter you can be about saving energy and reducing carbon output.

My goal for PowerMeter is to one day integrate with every utility provider in the world, and bring energy usage information to everyone, everywhere. It's a long-term plan as Google projects go, but it's a pretty fast-acting plan as climate change initiatives go--- and in the next couple of years it could save as much energy as all hybrid cars on the road today.

It's exciting for me to think we could have such a big impact just by writing some software. :)

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