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Some very crazy friends of mine made me a lovely birthday cake this weekend. It's a rendering (in butter creme icing) of the famous race track Laguna Seca, with a hand-made border of sprinkles which form checkered flag walls. (Christine has OCD rather fiercely.)

The cars include a correctly painted replica of my miata crossing a tiny, hand-painted finish line. The other cars are seen here understeering off of the track and crashing into dunes of icing, which is typical for Laguna Seca. There's even a tiny car being towed after crashing into the tiny lake.

If you're familiar with the track layout, then you'll recognize the corkscrew near the blue car, which is an actual hill made out of raspberries packed in frosting.

Also pictured is my friend Danna's birthday cake. Danna is a marine biologist and a chocolate fiend, so she got a chocolate octopus cake, of course.

Thanks you guys!

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