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I finally bought a wireless card for my shitty free laptop that I have from work. And that has led to an important discovery, a revelation of a profundity that I have not experienced in many a year:

If you have wireless, you can administer your web server while on the can.

And because I am so much more thorough now in my web-server-administering duties with this newly discovered source of admin time, I have been led to my second revelation. It's more of a ponderance, really. A rumination:

If (hypothetically speaking) you are a little strapped for disk space, and you decide (temporarily) to ask a friend of yours if you can put your web site onto his server, then doesn't it seem the neighborly thing to do to refrain from using his server to make naked pictures of yourself publicly available for the entire world to download using his bandwidth?

I mean, maybe I'm just being old fashioned here, but it's not like I don't have root access, and it's not like I'm not going to notice that your naked pictures are taking up almost 1GB of space. Even in this day and age a gig is a decent chunk of space to CONSUME WITH NAKED PICTURES. Wow.

If it was you (and you know who you are) then I just want you to know: I'm not mad... but I've now seen you naked. :)

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