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Taken while standing around at an autocross waiting for them to fix a glitch with the timing equipment.

It's not a coincidence that I was sitting at this exact spot; the light tower was the only shade in the parking lot.

Driving the wheels off of it

My last trip to Buttonwillow was on very grippy R compound tires. That means I get more cornering speed, which means faster speeds at the end of all the straight-aways. I was clearing 110 after the esses, which is pretty good for my car.

Apparently, though, I now drive so fast that even the weather stripping on my car can't keep up. I had to tape it back on.

Hopefully the wheels aren't next.

Paid, Owned, P0wned

I paid off my Subaru this month, so its mine all mine. What the hell do you do with a car title? For some reason I'm not comfortable keeping it in with my normal files.

(Of course, if my normal files are destroyed, its because my house is on fire, which I guess would indicate that I have bigger problems than just not being able to sell my car.)

An iTunes Haiku

your share has no songs
that aren't all DRM'd
i feel so taunted

A Build System Haiku

I don't want your tool
"almost works" means "doesn't work"
don't push half-baked crap

Relevant Content

You would think that I hate blogs, but I've actually become a big fan, especially when combined with a good Reader. Sure, almost all blogs are total crap, but there are exceptions that make the medium worthwhile overall.

For example, I have a coworker whose family is going through some really awful medical shit, in and out of hospitals, the ICU, etc. Neither he nor I are ever likely to be comfortable sitting down and talking about it at length, but I still care deeply and want to know what's going on. Fortunately, he keeps a blog about it for his own family, so I can keep track (and bite my fingernails) without having to assail him at work to awkwardly express some clumsy sentiment or make him rehash the details.

Then I have another friend who is going through a divorce that's pretty hard on her. She and I rarely find time to talk because of her kids, my life, and the time difference, but I can still stay somewhat connected because she posts on her MySpace blog.

I must note, however, that at the bottom of her most recent (deeply personal) blog post was this advertisement. Highly relevent, targeted advertising, maybe, but now might not be the best time to hit this particular customer with this particular message, you know?

snack time

Does Google really need all of these churros? Do we?

Pudding Jacker

Google's cafes offer to-go boxes that you can fix yourself, so I can eat at my desk when I'm in a hurry. It's super nice to get gormet food in less time than it takes to have a coffee break.

Except for desserts. Most of the cafe desserts these days are individually cooked souffle's or puddings or cakes, and they're always in dishware so you can't take them to go.

But recently I've been overcome by their delicious-looking-ness and have just started making off with their dishware. I typically get the dishes back to them within a few days, but I wonder if they've noticed the depletion. Maybe they have names for people like me, like "dish thief" or "pudding jacker".

Who cares. Mmm, pudding.

Python Is Stupid In 3 Seconds
What do you think this Python program prints?
def foo(x=[]):
    print x


Time's up! Did you think it prints this?

If thats what you thought, then you're a reasonable person. But you're also incorrect. This is the actual output:
['hi', 'hi']
['hi', 'hi', 'hi']

Because Python default argument initializers are evaluated only once, and are mutable. How's that for a gotcha? Geez.
Thousand dollar chicken

In retrospect, maybe GameFly was a bad idea, since it there's no cost to me letting just any old game into my house, no matter how terrible.

Take Viva Pinata, for example. You spend hours watching un-cancellable, saccharine cut scenes in which hundreds of tiny paper animals move into your garden and try to eat each other. In order to make sure that this happens, you have to clean up trash, dig holes, water plants, and buy gardening supplies. After a while, the animals get sick and die.

At least I get paid to do my real job.

(If you want to advance to the next level and get the shovel upgrade, well then my friend you need a fox. But you can't get a fox until you've given it a chicken to kill. How do you get a chicken? Well you have to buy it at the store. It costs over a thousand dollars to buy a chicken.)

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