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Today was my car's long-awaited dyno tune day. For those of you who don't know, a "dyno" is a machine that lets "high school kids" make dangerous software changes to your "engine" by reprogramming it.

The Good: They were able to nudge a little bit more power out of the car, up to 207whp (which is 303 horsepower at the crank for a typical WRX, which suffers around 32% driveline loss due to the 4WD.) Much more importantly, they were able to fix a lot of engine problems that the old software had. The new software is noticably smoother, if not noticably more powerful.

The Bad: They were insanely slow. It took them almost 3 hours to do 3 dyno runs, and of that time, probably 10 minutes was spent setting up the car, 10 minutes on each of 3 dyno runs, and approximately 140 minutes smoking and shooting the shit with the other mechanics. Like, right while I was standing there. Yay, customer service.

The Broken: My car is now only making 14psi of boost, which is even lower than when it was new and stock. So they weren't able to really get any more power out of it, which was disappointing. If I want more power I'll need to rebuild my turbo, or remove the (probably clogged) midcat.

Still, I'm reasonably happy to have the fuel mix and detonation problems resolved, so the money wasn't wasted, at least.


Barefoot Coffee is my favorite coffee shop in the South Bay for a lot of reasons. This is one of them.       


On the face of it, building a product name out of your company's name, the concept of "best", and also a concept reminiscent of the product itself, seems clever.

But on the other hand, a lot of people don't necessarily have positive associations with your product's chief composite, asbestos. It might not be so bright to remind them of how it is made.

Just a suggestion.

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