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Happy New Year
Why you should chat me up drunk at your peril... who knows what I'll get out of you. (The text of this chat has been slightly amended to protect the very, very drunk. All spelling and grammar are [sic.]):

[21:10] R: hey you still up?
[21:10] Me: are you still drunk? :)
[21:10] R: ive had about ..
[21:10] R: 10 oz of tiquilea
[21:10] R: or however
[21:12] R: for some reason, im drunker now than i was at newyears
[21:12] R: btu i can srtill type
[21:13] R: im awsome
[21:13] Me: sweet
[21:16] R: this is as druk as ive been in a long time
[21:16] R: really
[21:16] R: i cant type steight even
[21:17] R: _I_ wouldent even drive right now
[21:17] Me: WOW
[21:17] Me: your judgement is so impaired that you DON'T think it's a good idea to drink and drive... now THAT is drunk
[21:17] Me: lol
[21:17] R: i can bairly read what your typing
[21:17] R: let alone satya up righg t in this chair
[21:18] R: it spins
[21:18] R: its pro ving to be difficulet
[21:19] Me: nice
[21:19] Me: okay
[21:19] Me: since you're drunk
[21:19] Me: i need to get something out of this...
[21:19] Me: let's see....
[21:19] R: thats alot of dots
[21:19] Me: tell me some dark secret
[21:19] R: like qwaht
[21:19] Me: whatever.
[21:19] R: you meanlike *** Juicy confession omitted ***
[21:21] Me: nice!
[21:24] R: i cant feel my faxcee
[21:25] Me: well this has been fun, gnight!
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