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It was stupid

It turns out that "Matthew, Clinton, Arthur, Lee, and Stewart" are the middle names of our R&D directors. So that was sort of a stupid riddle, sorry to everyone I pestered about it.

On the bright side, I was the first one to think of it so I reaped much fame and glory. I guess.

I see where this is going

The AOL floppy used to come shrink-wrapped to some cardboard. Later it became a CD, and now a DVD, in progressively more and more expensive-looking cases, which make me feel more and more guilty for throwing away because of the trash that they generate.

I just now received my latest unwanted copy of AOL 9.0 optimized in a DVD case that was significantly nicer than the case that the Lord Of the Rings Trilogy box set comes in. If I throw it out (which in fact I also just now did) I'm an accomplice to their unspeakable waste.

At this rate, I predict that AOL will soon arrive attached to a new-born baby. The baby (which will be cherubic and gurgly) will be sealed inside of a clear acrylic cube, and you have to put the AOL DVD into your computer within 24 hours or else the cube fills with poison gas. You laugh now, but just wait.

Movie: Timeline

In a word: Unwatchable. This movie is not worth the wear and tear on your eyeballs that the photons cause as they come from the screen. Even looking at the poster for the movie is not worth it.

A Political Discourse

Read on the wall of a Porta-Potty at a Vista Point on Rt 35 going up the bay area penninsula:

"Inspectors couldn't find WMDs after 10 years, why does Bush attack after only 10 months?"

And then below it in different ink:

"Small mobile weapons caches"

And then below that the words:

"no evidence"

The conversation is brought to a close by a:

"Will gladly do any married woman, leave number"

What does it say about the state of our country when you can find on the wall of a plastic toilet a political discourse that is both more intelligent and more civil than anything you could hear on FOX News?


Hang On...

My chronology of restroom-based cellphone use continues:

Today at work at the urinal I hear, coming from the stall to my left, a man talking to no one in a loud voice, clearly on a cell phone. Then, in the middle of a sentence, the man stops and says:

"Can you hang on? I have to... um, hang on."

And then a pause, and the rustling, paper sound that can pretty much be only one thing. So I guess even though you think it's okay to use the phone on the can, you're not quite ready to just say,

"Hang on, I have to wipe."

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