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Today at 9pm PST, the former JotSpot team launched Google Sites!

I'm really excited to have it available, so that I can start using it, get some customers, and finally talk about it. We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but I think this is a great start. And I think we're headed in a really good direction--- better than JotSpot's direction, actually--- and this time ready for a ton of users.

I signed myself up to be the primary oncall for the service, so that I can babysit it today, our launch day. So now I'm just gonna sit back, grab some coffee, and see if the system we built can handle what you throw at it.

Bring it on!

Let the spending begin

Project Non-Waterproof Car has just received its first upgrade: springs! I allowed myself 4 hours to install them. Instead, it took 2 weeks.

Setbacks included failure to read the instructions, failure to have the right parts, hesitation when faced with the prospect of cutting up the rubber bits in my suspension, and most of all, failure to know about the Super Sekrit Bolt that holds the front suspension together.

But, my friends, that is the beauty of Project Non-Waterproof Car--- it can sit broken in my garage for days, and I can still get around using Water Resistant Car.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that if you somehow didn't think it was unpleasant to ride in my miata before, you get to rethink that position.

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