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high unavailability

People complain a lot about AT&T wireless. I know because I'm one of them. I think their service was probably worse than everyone's except for Sprint. But you know what? Back before Cingular took them over, at least I didn't have to look at this bitch:

Their online service is down EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY. I've tried in the morning. I've tried at night. I've tried weekends. WHEN IS THEIR SITE EVER UP?!? I think I saw it up once on a Tuesday afternoon, but like an idiot I didn't pay my bill then because I didn't have the bill in front of me.

Little did I know that I had happened to catch the system on its one hour per week of actual uptime.

Ironically, the only reason I did check on Tuesday was because my laptop had entered its Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Edition Extra Unnecessary Uncancellable Unending Scan Of Every File Seven Times For No Reason, thanks to our IT department's genius scheduling ("Who would want to use their computer on at noon on a Tuesday?!? That would be CRAZY.") So the only thing my computer had enough leftover cycles to do was run a web browser (barely.)

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