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I can't hear you

So, there's this guy who sits in the cube next to me who is on the phone all day. I never work with him, but I do always hear him talking to customers and so on.

The other day I actually needed something from him, so I stopped by and we chatted about it. He agreed that he would get back to me.

A couple hours later, I see a hand wave in front of my face--- "Dude, it's ready, did you get my email? Hello?" I turn and he's standing right there in my cube. I don't have headphones on or anything. I realize at that point that he's been repeating "It's ready" for about the last 30 seconds, but I'm so used to ignoring the sound of his voice that I literally did not hear what he was saying. The poor guy had to occlude my line of sight in order to get noticed.

I guess this makes it a little easier to understand why relationships fail... :)

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