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I'm in the wrong business
I think if you don't think that cars are fun to drive, you have no reason on Earth to not own a Honda Accord. It's the best car ever built for getting 5 people safely, economically, and comfortably from Point A to Point B along paved roads. Any other car is a waste of money.

But I really like driving cars, so I allow myself to buy more expensive, less practical cars than I otherwise would. I make decent money, I guess, so I can afford it, right? This is my current car:
Apart from wasting money on my car, I'm relatively frugal. (Some would say "cheap", but I would say "frugal".) With the money I was able to save with my frugal ways, I put a down payment on a house.

The realtor who helped me buy the house drives this car:
Of course I can't afford to buy a house with cash, so I had to get a loan. At the time we thought we had gotten a pretty good deal.

Recently I found out that immediately after my broker helped me get a loan, he bought this car:
So it begs the question: if I can just barely afford a small house and a car that is 5 times cheaper than my loan broker's car, who exactly got a good deal?

Never mind... don't answer that.
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