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Invasion of Stupid

I'm at my dad's house in Spokane, Washington for the week, and we are completely besieged by these little beetles. No idea what they are. No idea how they're getting in the house. No idea how to stop them or get rid of them.

They don't seem to want anything. They don't bite. They don't sting. They don't smell. They don't even really move particularly fast, and I don't think they can see at all. You can squash them or grab them by the leg and carry them outside, and they don't appear to even be aware of what's happening.

And because of these characteristics, they can fly but they can't steer, so as soon as they're airborn they're a serious hazard to themselves and others--- they bonk randomly into walls, into light bulbs, into your head, into your water glass, into my laptop, into the stove.

If they happen to land successfully, they just sit for a few seconds, and more than anything it seems like they're relieved that they survived another flight, and wonder how long it will be before they take off again to continue their quest for nothing in particular. From a Darwinian perspective their survival strategy appears to be overwhelming quantity.

Any ideas what we should do?

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